Fall is here, again, thank you

It’s my favorite time of the year, hands down. Here in California the hottest months of the year are notoriously August and September. October is my favorite because it mellows out in the heat department but stays blue and gorgeous through the end of the month and usually well into November. The nights cool down (most of the time, there’s still a few warm breezy evenings, but none of the stagnant yuck that happens July/August/September), the mornings are bright and beautiful, and the afternoons are long and dreamy.

I got out of work pretty early today, hit the chiropractor (he done fixed me up good the last 3 weeks, I owe the man a debt of gratitude). I’ve had a cold, so I went home after tying up a few strings at work. It was a beautiful day, a perfect day (less the stuffy head and nausea, that is). I had my camera with me, so I caught these guys on the way up the hill:

These were about 15 hens and a very young tom, and not the Ranch Flock (the flock of about 30 young birds that seem to have decided to make our ranch their home base….we’ll see about that). How do I know this? I mean, a flock of turkeys is a flock of turkeys, right? I know this because Clark was hangin’ with his homies as I came up the driveway

I know I should have laid down and rested, but the afternoon was too good to waste. So I grabbed the camera and lost myself doing something I get pure, unadulterated pleasure from: wasting digital film.

Please enjoy. **NOTE: all of the photos in this post (hell, on the entire blog for the most part) have been crunched down to fit the page. If you click on them they will expand to the size they’re meant to be viewed at**

This is Northern California, for those of you far removed. If you come visit, you can sit under this tree and knock back something alcoholic while you soak up the view. I’ve got hospitality down to a fine art, ask anyone who’s come to stay:

We have acorns this year. “So what?” you say….well, they don’t come along every year. Just sometimes, like this year. If you want some, tell me, and I’ll send you a box of the little suckers. Acorns are cool.

Screen doors keep dogs, no names mentioned, from running into trees and breaking themselves:

Random garden stuff…. I love my garden;

Mexican Sage


White Guara

I collect shiny things, Art likes they way they refract the sun. We have lots of sun up here.

Then there are the honey bees. For the record, they’re alive and well up here. And very, very busy.

Just keep clear of the business end, and you know, it’s all good.

2 thoughts on “Fall is here, again, thank you

  1. The photos are great Lisa. I too love Digital film.

    How is the tree-collidin’ pup doing?

  2. He remains….unbroken. His hip has healed up very well. We took them up to Tahoe with us this past weekend and let them haul-ass in an alpine meadow….no injuries. Phwew. We were pretty nervous about that, but Andretti’s bubble-wrap body armor hasn’t arrived yet, so what can you do but let kids be kids?

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