Spring flooding

The weather this week has been our typical March – lots of back to back rain storms. Today was the most intense in terms of rain & wind for us – by midday, the rain was coming down so hard, Lisa said it was flowing thru the grasses on the hills like a large waterfall. It was falling so fast and the ground was so saturated that it all just ran off – quickly. I guess having 2+ inches of rain in a few hours will do that.

We got a few pics of the results:

Alameda Creek:

Welch Creek up near our place:

Various images from Calaveras Rd down in the valley from our place – all our water ends up down here:

Our biggest concern when it rains is the road to our place and the steep hillsides which like to slide:

And a few video clips:

Lisa crossing flooded section on Calaveras Rd

Alameda Creek at flood stage

Torrent of water in Welch Creek near our place

3 thoughts on “Spring flooding

  1. We’re glad the forecast for the next week or two is for better weather. We can dry out a bit and clean up stuff around the yard.

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