How is this even remotely possible?

Hy husband and….gulp….Justin Bieber have the same hair-do. As you can see, at close to the same age they HAD the same coif;

(Art is on the left)

However, you’ll note I used the word ‘have’. This is because Art still has the same cut. I’m married to a 46 year old Justin Bieber. I hold out little hope that the bowl my husbands hair cutter wields will ever produce anything short of this windswept carefree Ramone/Bieber-esque look.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Yes.

(Thank you Paula for informing me of this moderately distressing factoid)

4 thoughts on “How is this even remotely possible?

  1. oh jeez, another small detail I hadn’t noticed. It just keeps getting more and more distressing, convoluted…….weird.

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